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Group Offering: Mindfulness for Youth (group starts in March 2021)

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

We are almost a year into the worldwide pandemic and the fatigue of this life is definitely settling in or has settled for too long! This year has provided a time of reflection and a personal exploration of what is important, what is not so important and maybe even, what is not important anymore. Due to the draining nature of the isolation being faced by people, peoples’ emotional health is being compromised and making people wonder, “How much longer can I hang on with the pandemic?” One may think that the youth of the world may be managing ok since they seem to be used to this life of online/technological communications with others however, this is not the case and many young people are also struggling. The pandemic has likely helped youth see the value in personal, human, and physical connection.

Therefore, it is well-timed that I am happy to announce that Ride the Waves Counselling Service will be offering a Mindfulness Group for Youth (aged 15-21). The research on Mindfulness is extensive and benefits have been found to help with improved physical/emotional health, improve enjoyment in life, increase positive emotions and helped people develop greater resilience.

If you know of any youth that may be interested, please contact me for more information and registration info.

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