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The Impact of Decisions

Over the years, I have worked with people who are greatly focussed on the ‘now’ and no focus on the future. For some, this is due to trauma, however, for some others it is a focus merely on the short term. A belief that ‘life will happen’ and ‘I will take what life presents to me’. This belief is partially reliant on ‘luck’ coming your way. However, as I have grown in my own personal life journey, I have come to the realization that a good amount of the time, ‘we make our own luck’. Over a time of reflection on how I share this idea with a client I was working with at the time, I came up with this saying:

“Every decision you make now, is a decision made for you later”.

All the choices we make in the present will either limit our future choices and/or provide us with more options to choose from. Moreover, life will require taking some risks and accepting that the important steps are the journey and not necessarily the final destination. Therefore, in your life, be open to opportunities, accept some failures as a bigger life message (that this may not be the right path for me), and be aware of the traps in place that could limit our desired future destination.

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