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Tools for Therapists: Slide Decks

Therapy can be a very challenging field of work. The various issues you encounter are wide-ranging and despite years of practice, we can always be surprised by a new issue we may not have encountered before and/or the dynamic of the issue varies from previous clients. The work is time-consuming and requires planning to ensure the best possible care for client. Despite the variations in session work, there is also similarities in work with all clients. There are many moments we may discuss emotions, substance use, motivation for change, and relationship challenges (to include a few) over and over again. Over the years, I have discovered that it is time-consuming to reinvent the wheel for discussions on various topics. As a result, I started creating slide decks to discuss various topics and are suitable for individual or group sessions.

These decks I have created have a combination of psycho-education, moments for reflection-discussion and teaching moments. They are:

  • Created with attention to click sequences that will allow for ‘cues’ of where the discussion is headed and discussion

  • Created with some colour and design to increase visual appeal

  • Easily facilitated, with a little pre-preparation and study

I hope that these slide decks will help you in your work with clients and will give you more time to reflect on individual case work rather than thinking about what to talk about with clients and how to have a discussion about a certain topic with a client.

More slide decks are pending completion. If you have ideas and/or requests for slide decks, please contact Chris at


How to order

If you are interested in purchasing a slide deck and/or have questions, please contact Chris at or call: 647-456-7751.

Orders can be processed with E-transfer or credit card and will be arranged upon first contact through email or phone call.

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